Monday, June 20, 2011

June in the Garden

Here we are again and I must say it is lovely to be back in the village. Our "home coming" was warm complete with a bowl of fresh cherries, hot tea, and "my office" set up under the tree in the garden. My colleague is an instant super star because he chats away in Farsi. Our bags are somewhere in Turkey which means we will be "professionally dressed" in our travel gear until they arrive which is in several days- only two flights a week. Colleague looks more like he's ready to go to the gym than to work. We have come with books for the school library, assorted clothes for kids and various professional books for our colleagues. Not to mention maple syrup and pancake mix which will be Sunday breakfast for as many of our village buddies as we can feed. The first question from our beloved host when he found out that our bags were missing was an audible groan.. oh no my syrup!

Our first big gig will be Friday and between now and then we need to work through an agenda, send out a survey, gather the data and figure out how to put it in spiffy graphs in two languages. Our hope is that this seminar will set the stage for our work forward.

On other fronts, the work from my FB in the fall has grown into seminars and materials development. Individuals who had never had a chance to share their ideas are now talking on a regular basis. The IPD team from the Pamirs is working more closely with the team in Dushanbe. So all in all the tiny seeds of October are flourishing.

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